Monday, October 15, 2007


The eyes of the world are on China as it prepares to host the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, August 8-24. International news reports fantastic progress and a spectacular opening night and amazing buildings of the latest architecture and design. But all is not well in China. Behind the fa├žade to the global community, is the increasing crackdown on house churches and leaders. OPEN DOORS, USA representatives in China report some sinister events taking place in the government’s attempt to control the image they want the world to see. Religious liberty is guaranteed by the constitution, but that means it only applies to religion practiced in an approved TSPM church. Those who resist registration are harassed, restricted, persecuted and imprisoned for long periods of time.

Here is a summary of their report.Public Security Bureau (PSB) personnel have visited most house church meetings, baptismal services and training sessions, and pastors in Beijing have been requested to leave the city before the Games begin. Foreigners in at least two provinces have been expelled for having remained too long in the cities as “students.” Some have been expelled for having Chinese Christian literature in their homes. After an open-air event put on by the International Christian Fellowship in a certain southern city, the PSB officials visited all who attended and record was made of their identity. In a southern province all foreign co-laborers ceased activities and had to lay low because of increased surveillance by the PSB officials. Chinese workers discovered with Christian literature from overseas organizations have had the literature confiscated and in many cases, the workers have received long prison terms of as much as three years.

Taken from Intercessors Network e-mail #545

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