Saturday, May 3, 2008

Two pastors and a wife were attacked on April 15 in the Philippines. Not much is know except that they were talking about ministering in a Muslim tribal area. VOM has not confirmed the reasons for the attack.

One pastor was killed and the others were wounded. Quoting from the update: "Pastor Vic got four gunshots, two at the upper part of the knees that went through his navel and two shots to the lower part of his knees, the bullets remained in his stomach. Beth, his wife, got two gunshots, one in her palm and one in her leg. Pastor Noli got one shot in his leg; the bullet went through his leg. Pastor Vic was killed, and Beth and Pastor Noli are being treated by doctors."

Please pray for the believers in the Philippines. Pray for their safety and for boldness in their witnness.

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