Monday, August 18, 2008

Praying for China #3

Another prayer list from the Persecution Blog.

"Here are the prayers for Day 21 through Day 26.

Day 21
Chinese constitutional law grants citizens the right of religious freedom, yet many house church members do not know how to summon this right in defending themselves against allegations of ‘illegal’ religious activity. Christian lawyers are starting to educate Christians about their constitutional rights and have helped bring several successful lawsuits as a result. Ask God to protect these Christian lawyers and their families as they undertake this high-risk work.

Day 22
China has been fiercely criticized over its harsh repatriation policy for North Korean refugees found in its territories. North Koreans repatriated from China – about 4,000 a year – are reported to face brutal treatment as defectors, even execution. Pray that China will recognize the brutality of the Pyongyang regime and scrap its repatriation policy.

Day 23
Missionaries to China have done much to build her church and spread the gospel. The Beijing Olympics will bring more than 500,000 foreigners into China. Pray that among these visitors will be some who are called to work with the church in China and extend God’s kingdom in the nation.

Day 24

Against a backdrop of persecution and suffering, misunderstanding and lack of communication have sometimes conspired to cause rifts between different Chinese house church movements. Please pray for unity between these movements. Pray that church leaders will work together to spread the gospel.

Day 25

Pastor Zhang Zhongxin was sentenced to two years at a labor camp in Shandong province recently for belonging to an ‘evil cult’. He had a varied ministry, which ranged from training to preaching, over a wide geographical area. Pray that Pastor Zhang will be able to continue his ministry during his detention.

Day 26

College students who turn to Christ on campus face worldly pressures once they step out into the workplace – particularly during China’s economic downturn this year. There is an urgent need for church workers to disciple these new Christians and keep in touch with them as they leave campus. Pray that God will raise up good and faithful servants to minister to these young people."

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