Monday, January 19, 2009

"I Admire Communists"

"I admire Communists."

Those words are remarkable, especially when you know who spoke them. Who said them? Richard Wurmbrand, a pastor who spent fourteen years in Communist prisons.

Why did Mr. Wurmbrand say that he admired Communists? He said, " Many Communists were willing to die to defend their 'Utopia.' They were more committed to their cause than some I met in churches."

As I read those words, I find myself feeling convicted by the Lord. Am I willing to die for the cause of Christ? Am I even willing to be ridiculed for speaking out for God? These are hard questions, but ones I need to answer. I want to be committed. Are you committed?

To find out more about Richard Wurmbrand and his legacy, go to the Voice of the Martyr's website:

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Ceira said...

It sadens me to admit, but I am far too concerned with "not bothering people," which is really just me not wanting to leave my comfort zone. I desire to not fear what men may think of me or do to me, but rather fear and serve my Father. Richard Wumbrand encourages and convicts me by his faith and forgiveness.

Thanks for the post!