Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Country Profile: North Korea

It's hard to imagine a country so brutal to people that when they escape, they feel free in China. Well, that's how some people have felt when escaping from North Korea. To read an interesting story about this, buy the book, Escape From North Korea.

The current dictator, Kim Jong-Il, supports very harsh policies towards anyone who is against the Communist party and does not recognize him as supreme authority. The government actively seeks to suppress public and private religious activities.

North Korea is known as the "hermit nation" because it is so closed to contact with the outside world. Due to this and many other things, there are extreme problems with food shortages and as many as three millions people have died of starvation since 1994.

Pray that Christians will be able to be salt and light in the harsh environment of North Korea. Pray that they will not deny their Lord and that no matter what comes, they will be able to stand up against the pressure.

The following links will provide you with more information about the country and leaders of NK:

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