Monday, April 27, 2009

Country Profile: Malaysia

Malaysia gained it's independence in 1957 and the government type is constitutional monarchy. The constitution guarantees freedom of expression, however, this is not always upheld and enforced by the government. Ethnic Malay people are considered Muslim by the government and Islam is considered an intricate part of these peoples' lives. Other ethnic groups include Chinese, Indian, etc.

The sale and distribution of the Malay Bible is strongly discouraged. Starting in 2005, Bibles in the Malay language were required to have the words "Not for Muslims" on the front cover.

Those who convert from Islam to Christianity may be fined or imprisoned for "rehabilitation". Much pressure and opposition is faced by Christians in this land.

Please pray that Christians will be free to practice their faith and share the gospel with non-Christians. Also pray that our brothers and sisters will be able to have free access to Bibles.

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