Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sharing Their Pain

As I read the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) April newsletter, the article "Sharing Their Pain" really stood out to me.

The article told about three Christians in different countries. Shrinomi, who lives in Sri Lanka, was shot twice by hired killers. The killers were hired by a Buddhist businessman who was angry about his wife's conversion. Not only was Shirnomi injured in the shooting, her pastor husband, was killed.

Seyi, is a young man that lives in Nigeria. His city, Jos, broke out in a riot on November 28, 2008. Muslim warriors roamed the city with their machetes. As many as 100 Christians were killed and thousands more were attacked. A mob of militants broke through the gate to Seyi's home, but his parents and siblings were able to escape out the back door. Before he could escape, the Muslim militants caught him and sliced his head several times. Then they left him to die in the burning house. Thankfully, his family was able to drag him to safety, but they were left with trying to pay hospital bills. VOMedical helped Seyi as he travels the road to recovery.

Many people were injured, displaced, or killed during the extreme violence in Orrisa, India last year. Namrata was one of those people. The 10 year old was injured when a bomb, left by a radical Hindu group, exploded in her face. Thanks to VOMedical she was able to have several surgeries that have helped heal her face. Through it all, her faith and joy remained strong.

As I read these stories of victory through pain, my mind began thinking about what I would have done in those circumstances. Would I have had faith that God knew what He was doing? Would I have had joy in Jesus or let the enemy get me down down because of my injuries?

If you do not get the VOM newsletter, I would encourage you to subscribe to it. It's free and well worth reading!

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