Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Standing Strong Through the Storm

Standing Strong Through the Storm is a book compiled by Paul Estabrooks and Jim Cunningham. This book teaches how to be a victor in your Christian walk, even when going through persecution.

Here's a couple of reviews from the book:

"This is an excellent work. It is thorough, practical, well-supported biblically but also effectively illustrated from the experiences of the suffering people of God." --Terrance L. Tiessen, PhD, Professor of Systematic Theology, Providence College & Seminary, Otterburn, MB, Canada

"If we had the SSTS materials in my time we would have had help to exist as persecuted Christians." A seventy-six-your- old pastor, interred for ten years, soviet Gulag, Russia

This book is almost 400 pages long, but it is broken up into five sections.

1. Who is Our Enemy?

2. Provisions for Victory

3. Training in Righteousness

4. The Way of the Cross Today

5. The Victorious Church and Family

Although I have not finished this book yet, I am already very excited about the things I am learning. Standing Strong Through the Storm can be read by individuals, families, or by a small study group.

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