Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Christians Arrested in Dearborn, MI

The news in this post hits just a little too close to home. Dearborn, Michigan is considered by many to by the Muslim capital of the USA. There are mosques and many Muslims living in and around this city in northern America.

On June 19, three Christian men were witnessing at the Arab International Festival. During an intense, yet respectful dialog, the police arrested Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, David Woods, and Paul Rezkalla.

According to the Persecution Times article, Steven Atkins, a resident of Toronto, Canada, said, “I never thought I would see this in America." Mr. Atkins went on to say, “When Dr. Quereshi was arrested I heard people clapping and applauding, and some said ‘Allahu Akbar.’” There appeared to be a crowd of around 15-20 people listening to the discussion and then witnessing the arrest.

Mr. Atkins also said, “It was an intense discussion, but it was not unruly. There was no threat of violence. It’s becoming more restrictive here than in Canada.” I believe things like this will become more and more commonplace here in the "land of the free." Pray that God will protect these gentlemen and that many Muslims will find Jesus.


Katie said...

I would like to know if the organizers of this fair leased that block for the event from the city. If so they are not really "private" for the duration of the event. I have leased from the city parks here in L.A. for events and once you pay you have a contract which does give you some protection from harassment, disorderly conduct etc. for that time. I think the police acted correctly and without undue force.

Most Welcome Cross said...


That is a fair question that you would like answered. Right now I can't find anything except for on blogs and Christian websites. The main-stream news media hasn't said a word about this to my knowledge. If you find anything out please let me know, because I'd like to know too. I will, however, keeping searching for more info on this particular arrest in Dearborn, MI.

Most Welcome Cross said...

I have not been able to find the answer to your question, Katie. However, I have found a blog post with a short video from Fox News.

Here is the link:

Disclaimer: I have not looked over the whole website and I do not necessarily endorse everything said and done by the owner(s) of it.