Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gao Zhisheng

I have written about Gao many times before and there is not really any more news since I last blogged about the courageous Chinese brother. I did receive an email recently that says since he was kidnapped again by the government of China on April 20, 2010, no one has seen or heard from Gao Zhisheng. His family does not know whether he is dead or alive at this point.

On August 6, at the American Bar Association, Gao received the International Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award. His 17 year old daughter, Ge Ge, accepted the reward for him. She said, "Deep in my heart, my father is the type of person I admire very much. He can get over any difficulties, and he is not afraid of anything. I feel that my father is an outstanding father."

In closing, I would like to remind everyone to please keep Gao and his family in your prayers. May the Lord be glorified in this situation!

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