Friday, August 15, 2008

Praying for China #2

Here another prayer list of the Persecution Blog.

Here are the prayers for Day 13 through Day 20.

Day 13
Even a year ago, there were rumors that government agents had infiltrated every house church in Beijing to keep watch on their activities and, presumably, root out pastors considered to be ‘troublemakers’. This news must have bred distrust between house church members, with suspicion focused especially on newcomers. Pray that God’s Holy Spirit would help unite His family in churches which have been under intense pressure for months.

Day 14
Many poorly built school buildings collapsed during the Sichuan earthquake in May, killing many pupils. Due to China’s one-child policy, many parents lost their only child in the tragedy. Some held silent protests outside courtrooms, calling for justice, but were beaten by police or even arrested. Ask the Lord to use His people to bring comfort, friendship and hope to the bereaved.

Day 15
Many Christians in Beijing are volunteering to help in the smooth running of the Olympics, because they have a heart to share the gospel through their service. Please pray that God will give them courage and wisdom to share their faith.

Day 16
Daniel Ng and his wife are Australian citizens who own a large company in China. Since August 2007, they have been barred from leaving the country and their assets have been frozen. Their firm was shut down by the authorities amid allegations of illegal religious activities – based on the fact that the company has a Christian ethos. Please pray for God’s protection for Daniel and his wife. Pray too that the Lord will raise up more Christian business leaders to bring His light into the business community.

Day 17
In May 2008, a prominent house church leader from the Uyghur community, Luo Yuanqi, was detained in Xinjiang province on charges of ‘inciting separatism’. He has been badly abused in custody. Pray for physical and spiritual healing for Luo and ask God to bless his ministry.

Day 18
It is illegal in China to share the gospel with people under the age of 18. Many churches do not have an active Sunday School program and some do not recognize the importance of children’s ministry. On 28 February, 2008, 11 children in Xinjiang were detained for a day when they were caught attending a children’s Bible study. Pray that more churches will catch the vision for teaching children to grow up following Christ.

Day 19
Many churches had property and land confiscated by the communist regime in the 1950s – and many congregations are still pressing for this property to be returned. The Chinese authorities have resisted this. In Fanzhi, Shanxi, a pastor and several other Christians were injured recently when they remonstrated with builders redeveloping land which had belonged to them before the government seized it. Pray for justice to be done for these churches’ sake.

Day 20
The Chinese administration under President Hu Jintao has the stated aim of creating a ‘harmonious society’. Please pray that Hu Jintao and his ministers will be more open-minded about Christians and recognize the contribution they already make to social harmony by being good citizens."

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