Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Praying for China

I've copied and pasted this from the Persecution Blog ( Please take time to pray. I'll try my best to keep these updated when they're posted on the Persecution Blog.

"Our partners at Release International sent out a unique “prayer-a-day” for the month of August. This has something you can pray for China for every day in August. I encourage you print this out and use these prayers each day. You can start any day you like. It will only take a few minutes, and imagine how you can impact the world by bringing China before our all-powerful God.

Here are the prayers for Day 7 through Day 12.

Day 7 In June 2008, senior house church leader Zhang Mingxuan was detained for several hours – to prevent him from meeting with an EU official in Beijing. Officials closed down his orphanage early this year; Zhang’s family have been forced to move home more than ten times since Christmas. The government reportedly wants to move the family out of Beijing. Pray for strength and courage for Pastor Zhang, his family and four orphans living with them. Ask God to provide them with a permanent home.

Day 8 In the last year Chinese police have detained some 600 Christians and sentenced 38 of them to more than a year in prison. Please pray that the Lord will grant His strength, His comfort and His wisdom to those in prison for their faith. Pray that they will remain faithful and be salt and light to their fellow prisoners.

Day 9 In May, the government held a conference on ‘administering Christian gatherings’ in Beijing. Recently, many house churches have had Sunday services interrupted by local policemen, and some landlords have been forced to stop renting out their property to Christians for worship meetings. Please pray that house churches in Beijing will find new places to worship. Pray that their leaders’ hearts will be on fire for God, despite regular harassment.

Day 10 Government leaders from across the globe are attending the Beijing Olympics. Please pray that these senior politicians will urge the Chinese government to improve its religious rights record, particularly in its dealings with the unregistered house church movement.

Day 11 Liu Huiwen from Gansu province is serving 18 months in jail for handing out Christian leaflets at a Muslim wedding in April 2007 and so ‘insulting ethnic minorities’. He is said to be suffering bullying and abuse in a prison full of Muslims. Pray for Liu and his family: his wife Miao Hui Lian has been under police surveillance since she complained about Liu’s ill-treatment.

Day 12 Despite the authorities’ determination to keep a tight rein on house churches in Beijing, the Olympic Village will have a prayer centre for athletes. Please pray that Christian athletes will be bold in sharing their testimonies and the gospel with their fellow Chinese athletes and others involved in the Games."

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