Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Take It Away!

It's day 168 after Gao Zhisheng's kidnapping and ChinaAid did deliver our petitions (over 10, 000!) to the Chinese Embassy. Sadly, when the embassy staff saw what it was, she said, "I'm sorry, sir, I'm sorry! Take it away!"

David E. Taylor, who is the American attorney who tried to deliver the petition, left it at the front door saying, "The Chinese Embassy was legally served with the petition even though they tried to avoid it."

Don't give up, God can do miracles! Keep praying that God Almighty will move on the hearts of the Chinese officials. Also, pray for Gao and his family, that the Lord will provide for their every need.


Anonymous said...

May the Lord continue to sustain him. I have read about other prisoners feeling the love of their intercessors. May Gao also!

DAVID said...

I am David Taylor who served the petition. There were more than 100,000 signatures. God answered our prayers. We feared Gao might be dead but believe that it Gao who has now contacted us.He is obviously under the tight control of the Communist "authority". Therefore, he is not free and certainly had not been re
united with his family. This means that there is much work to be done and all your prayers needed. I am a volunter to China Aid Association and thank them so much for their petition drive and other efforts. Won't you please step forward and help them in their efforts? There are many things we all can do. Please visit and make a contribution so we all can continue to do what God would have us do to stop the persecution by the Communist party in China?