Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on Gao Zhisheng

Rumors have been flying around since December 2009 that Gao Zhisheng has died from the brutal torture he received at the hands of Chinese police. Recently, Gao's brother, Zhiyi sought and found the police that originally detained Gao. He was told that Gao "went missing while out on a walk".

This is the first time the Chinese government has actually said anything leading to the belief that they no longer have Gao in custody. ChinaAid believes this means Zhisheng's health has taken a turn for the worse.

Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid, says ""We have every reason to suspect that the Chinese government has something very serious to hide. Gao's family has every right to know what happened to him. It is unbelievable that a high security prisoner would go missing while 'out on a walk,' without suspecting that there is a major cover up of his condition."

Please pray fro Gao's family. They are under extreme stress because they don't know what has happened to their husband/father/brother. Gao's daughter, Gege became very emotionally upset upon hearing the rumors of his death and had to be placed in a hospital. Pray that the leaders of China will stop persecuting Christians and that they will turn to Christ.

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Mai said...

Quite awhile ago I sent a letter to a brother in prison and was returned unopened. Then I found out it could be one of the following reasons that was written in the website.

"For many families in these restricted lands, the cost of a letter back to you may be equal to a day’s wage. Letters sent to Christian prisoners are occasionally returned unopened. Sometimes, authorities refuse to give a prisoner their mail in order to make them feel isolated. In other cases, the prisoner may have been moved to a different camp and their mail is not forwarded. Keep writing. Don’t be discouraged! Your letters are significant. They are a quiet and loving gift to your brothers and sisters. You will rejoice together when we meet in Heaven."