Friday, June 11, 2010

Trouble in Afghanistan

Sorry for the super long hiatus. I realize I've been a bad blogger and I'm hoping to mend that (Planning to starting writing more on MWC again, as time permits.) So lets get right down to it!

According to VOM, on May 31, the government of Afghanistan suspended the work of two different Christian relief organizations. Why? There were suspicions that they may be trying to convert Afghans to Christianity. This would constitute a crime in the Muslim country of Afghanistan.

This is the latest setback for Christians in Afghanistan. In 2007, the Taliban kidnapped 23 South Korean aid workers from a church group. Two of these workers were killed and the others were released a month later.

As Christians, prayer should be our first response to this type of news, not anger. Please join me in praying that the Lord will bind the enemy (Satan, not the people) and that His Word would be proclaimed to the Afghans.

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