Monday, July 12, 2010

Christians Beaten in Nepal

On June 13, a pastor and his congregation were attacked by Maoist rebels in the country of Nepal. The church was assembled together for an evening prayer meeting when the rebels demanded that they stop. When the congregation refused to stop the meeting, the rebels attacked.

The pastor talked to the Maoists before they attacked asking them to come back the next day to talk. However, this only resulted in him getting beaten by them. The congregation, including the pastor's father and mother, tried to defend him, but they too were attacked. The rebels also burnt Bibles and hymnals during the attack.

The Persecution Blog also reports:

"The following day, local villagers accused the Christians of not paying the “temple tax” and of 'converting the local people to Christianity.' Each family was ordered to pay the exorbitant tax, and Christians have been warned that they will be expelled from the village if they do not pay. Some believers have voluntarily left the village, and those remaining risk losing their homes."

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