Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interesting Developments...

According to, The Kingdom of Sweden made a surprising eduction "reform". The "Education Act for knowledge, choice, and security" was approved last month amidst strong criticism and opposition.

This bill essentially says that homeschooling is now prohibited and that all public schools must all use the same government curriculum. This is a noticeable downturn towards totalitarianism in Sweden.

Homeschooling in Sweden may have been tough already, but now it's been done away with all together. Looks like the only "choice" is for those in the government, not for the people of Sweden.

This may be a slight departure from my normal posts, but I believe this is how persecution starts at times. When governments start saying how one must teach your child, etc. it's not long before they start telling you what you must believe. Christians will need to stand strong in Sweden. Please pray that the Lord will grant wisdom to Swedish Christians and that they will handle this situation in a godly way.

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