Saturday, October 23, 2010

Attack on Elderly Christians in Pakistan

An elderly Christian couple has been reported to have been beaten in Pakistan, according to Compass Direct. After refusing a prostitute from two Muslim brothers, the eighty year old man and his seventy-five year old wife were beaten. His arms and legs were broken as was the head of his wife.

The couple was beaten at their house when they refused to comply with the vile orders of the Muslims. The ire of the men was raised when these Christians, who were lower socially, would not do as they were told to do. The husband and wife were struck with small iron rods and clubs. Both were left unconscious after the attack.

I'm sure that prayer would be appreciated for both of these Christians. The Lord can heal both the physical and emotional wounds. He can also help Emmanuel Masih and his wife, Inayatan Bibi, forgive the men who wounded them.

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