Monday, October 25, 2010

Pastor Sentenced to Jail

Just four days ago (Oct. 21), Ilmurad Nurliev, a pentecostal pastor was sentenced to four years in jail in the country of Turkmenistan. He was arrested two months ago after being accused of swindling money from several members of the Light to the World Pentecostal Church. The court also said he would be treated for a drug addiction while in prison.

Nurliev's wife and many members of his congregation say these charges were fabricated to punish him for his work with the unregistered church. The church has emphatically stated the innocence of the pastor and that he does not have a drug addiction, but is diabetic.

When praying for this situation, remember that God has allowed this to come to pass. Pray that Ilmurad Nurliev has a long-lasting impact on those he meets in jail. May the Lord have His way in these Christians' lives!

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